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Standards of Performance and Conduct

Standards of Conduct

It is the philosophy of both the Commonwealth and George Mason University to promote the well-being of its employees in the workplace and to maintain high standards of professional conduct and work performance. The Standards of Conduct is a set of rules which establishes standards for professional conduct, sets forth behaviors that are unacceptable in the workplace and provides corrective or disciplinary actions which can be taken to address inappropriate behavior or performance problems. Guidelines are also given for informal counseling of employees to improve behavior or performance. Discipline under the Standards of Conduct will not be based on an employee's race, gender, religion, national origin, color, creed, age, disability or political affiliation.

Expectations pertaining to attendance and outside employment are outlined in the Standards of Conduct. The removal of employees who are unable to fulfill the requirements of their positions because of circumstances such as loss of professional license or certification, or loss of driver's license, is explained. Although probationary and wage employees are not covered by this policy, supervisors should be guided by the provisions of the policy.

Because of the complexity and length of the Standards of Conduct, we will not attempt to condense the content here. The Standards of Conduct (State Personnel Policy 1.60) may be viewed in its entirety on the web by clicking on State policies.