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Frequently Asked Questions - Military Leave

Classified and faculty employees are entitled to up to 15 work days of paid military leave in a federal fiscal year for each tour of active duty. In addition, for tours of duty which exceed 15 days, employees may choose to use their annual, overtime or compensatory leave balances during this time. Any leave in excess of the initial 15 days or other paid leave will be considered as unconditional leave without pay. In order to preserve reinstatement rights, the period of active duty must not exceed five years.

If employees are members of any reserve unit of the Armed Forces or the National Guard, they are eligible for leave with pay for up to 15 workdays in a federal fiscal year (October 1 through September 30) for^ military duty which includes training. To qualify for reserve duty leave, employees must furnish their supervisors with copies of their orders or other documentation from a responsible military official. Only the dates specified in the orders may be charged to reserve duty leave.

Classified employees who take the 15 workdays of active duty or reserve duty leave should denote this on their time sheets with the leave code "MT".; 12-month faculty members who complete monthly leave reports should denote the military leave taken in the comments section of the report.  Days taken in excess of the 15 paid military days should be coded on time sheets and leave reports as annual or other applicable leave.

Since 9-month faculty do not complete monthly leave reports, a copy of their orders and the dates of the leave may be filed within their department or college. A 9-month faculty member who exceeds the allotted 15 day requirement during one tour of duty should be placed on leave without pay for the excess time taken. A request should be submitted through the appropriate dean or director and the Office of the Provost to Human Resources to place the faculty member on leave without pay.