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Frequently Asked Questions - Child Support Enforcement

New Hire Reporting Procedures
In compliance with Section 63.1-274.11 of the Virginia Code, the names of new employees at George Mason University, as well as all other state agencies, must be reported to the Virginia New Hire Reporting Center. The Reporting Center is operated under the authority of the Division of Child Support Enforcement. The new employees of George Mason are reported on a monthly basis.

Virginia Child Support Withholding Orders
Effective July 1, 1993, Section 60.2-114.1 of the Virginia Code requires the University to inquire of new employees at the time of hiring, whether they are subject to any income withholding order for child support payments. If so, the University must begin withholding immediately. Please contact the Payroll Department at 993-2600 if you are subject to any income withholding order for child support payments. The University is required by law to keep any information disclosed confidential, except as necessary to administer the child support enforcement program.

How to find more information on Child Support Enforcement in Virginia
Virginia maintains very strict Child Support Enforcement laws and policies. Refer to the web page of Virginia Department of Social Services and view their section on Child Support.

Another resource for information on this subject in Virginia is the actual Code of Virginia. Once on this page, type Child Support into the search line.