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Exit Process

Are you moving to a different area or have you accepted a job with a different organization? Are you thinking about retiring? If you are leaving employment with George Mason University, please follow these steps to ensure both a smooth transition for your department and the continuation of any benefits you may be entitled to and want.

Please remember your Employee Self Service log-in information, even after you leave. You will use this to claim your W2 statements beginning with tax year 2006.

When you leave your position at Mason, please be sure to review and remove any personal e-mail. Remember that your e-mail, just like your computer, belongs to the University. All e-mail left on your computer will be retained by the university for business purposes.

In addition, if you plan to formally retire from George Mason, please contact your benefits specialist at (703) 993-2600 to set up an appointment to review your retirement situation.

We have created an Exit Alert e-mail account to replace the Separation Hotline. Please e-mail us at to give us a heads up on any separation. Your e-mail should include the following information:

Please remember that sending an Exit Alert e-mail does not substitute for the need to send the appropriate paperwork to HR&Payroll including the faculty or classified separation form and the formal resignation letter. However, an early alert does help us prevent overpayments.

While not all these steps apply to everyone leaving the university's employ, the following three steps apply to everyone:

1. Letter of Resignation
2. Updated Address Information
3. Employee Exit Survey

This step may apply to all employees:

4. Deferred Compensation (457) or Tax Deferred Annuity (403b) Plans

5. Property Checklist

These steps apply to some faculty and classified employees:

6. Last Paycheck/Leave Payout
7. Continuation of Medical Coverage (COBRA)
8. Flexible Benefits
9. Life Insurance
10. Long-Term Care Insurance
11. Retirement Plans (VRS, ORP)

Note: If you are a timesheet approver, please send us the Timesheet Approver/Supervisor Change Form so that your employees do not have a disruption in submitting time and receiving pay.

This applies to all 9 month Instructional faculty.

13. Retirement Date

This applies to all faculty who have the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP).

14. Termination Certification Form (ORP)