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A great university is a great place to work.

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Mason is an open and welcoming community, reaching out beyond our campuses to create connections and forge partnerships in the region, the nation, and the world. People choose to work at George Mason University for many reasons, and there are even more reasons why they stay for a career.

There’s the excitement of being part of a vibrant academic and professional community, surrounded by people whose ideas are shaping tomorrow’s news! Or Mason’s location and proximity to the District of Columbia, which place us directly in one the most competitive job markets in the world. Add that to a robust benefits package, a commitment to flexibility, work/life options, and the opportunity for personal and professional development, and you have a career in balance at Mason!

At Mason, we believe that a diversity of opinions, cultures and perspectives is what provides vibrancy to an academic community. Diversity is a source of innovation, energy and growth.

Welcome to George Mason University−Where Innovation is tradition!

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eWork/PeopleAdmin Tip of the Week

Have you had a position posted for more than 90 days? Consider removing it from the web.

Need Help? Email Talent Acquisition at to reserve a spot at an upcoming eWork/PeopleAdmin training/working session.

More Tips!

  • Do you have a candidate who declined your offer? Remember to transition candidates to “Offer Declined” and tell us why in the hiring proposal.
  • Having trouble with bulk transitions? You can only bulk transition candidates who are in the same state. To bulk transition, filter and change all applicants to the same status and then bulk transition them.
  • Search committee members struggling to get logged in? Try these troubleshooting techniques: 1) copy and paste the username and password, 2) make sure that the search committee member is visiting, 3) use a different browser.
  • Do you need to transition a candidate currently in an inactive state? If a candidate is currently in an inactive status such as “not hired, hired, or position cancelled” please contact HR to move them to the desired active state. Initiators can only transition to and from states they have permissions to access.
  • Do you need to give search committee members Guest User access so they can review applications? Be sure to use the Guest User tab, so they receive an automated e-mail with their eWork login credentials. If the guest user function is not activated, and the position is posted, you may contact HR for guest user credentials.

Mason Talent Acquisition Hiring Procedures Toolkit

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We're currently revamping the Toolkit to keep the content current and easier to use! Please check back soon...

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Mason Talent Temps

Mason’s Temporary Staffing Service from Talent Acquisition in HR & Payroll

Welcome to the Human Resources & Payroll, Talent Acquisition temporary staffing service. Mason Talent Temps is our in-house temporary employment service and we maintain this pool to assist our hiring managers in filling temporary long- and short-term vacancies and to aid job applicants seeking temporary employment. Mason Talent Temps provides temporary staffing coverage for various needs throughout the University during vacations, leaves of absence, special projects, seasonal peaks and unexpected business demands. Departments also may utilize our services to acquire talent in Temp-to-Hire scenarios.

How to acquire a Mason Temp

How to acquire a Mason Temp

Complete the Request for Temporary Staff form.

Complete all required fields and be sure to list required skills and any other information providing insight into the ideal candidate’s skillset.

Talent Acquisition will provide selected resumes for consideration and interview. Once a selection has been made, notify Talent Acquisition and onboarding will commence.


The average billing rate per position depends on the position duties and the experience level of the candidate. The Mason Talent Temp markup is 7%.


Mason Talent Temps are seated in a Talent Acquisition position number and charged to the HR & Payroll Budget Org. Chargebacks will be completed every pay period by Journal Voucher (JV) and be charged to the Budget Org provided in the Request for Temporary Staff form.

Onboarding of Mason Talent Temps

Talent Acquisition will manage the onboarding process for Mason Talent Temps including, but not limited to:

  • Offer Letter
  • I-9
  • Mason ID
  • Parking
  • EPAF

A general temporary parking pass will be validated and provided to the Temp by Talent Acquisition based on the assignment dates. Please note, when the temp assignment ends, parking pases need to be returned to the Human Resources and Payroll office.

Communication with Candidate Prior to Assignment

Mason Talent Temps will report to Human Resources & Payroll in Merten Hall to obtain their welcome packet (i.e., welcome letter, campus parking map, Dining Services flyer, and the parking pass) unless otherwise determined.


Mason Talent Temps must complete timesheets in Patriot Web. The timesheet approver will be the employee listed on the Temporary Staff Request form. The department should ensure a timesheet is approved on a weekly basis.

Changing an Assignment/Ending an Assignment

Talent Acquisition must be notified of any changes in assignment duration or if an extension is required. Assignments can be extended with no disruption. Please email with any such changes.

Once a Mason Talent Temp has completed their assignment, their final timesheet should be approved and an email should be sent to indicating completion of the engagement. There are no further requirements of the supervisor, but feedback does help the Mason Talent Temp program improve. A Survey Monkey will be sent to the supervisor’s email address within a week of the assignment end date.